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The educated differ from the uneducated as much from the living as from the dead.

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.
George Orwell

  • Diagnoses your weaknesses and creates a personalised programme of learning material and activities to improve your writing

    Tracks your progress

    Publishes blog articles about writing and critical thinking to keep you up to date with current affairs (very useful for essays in exams)

    Presents timed writing and free writing prompts to practice the skills you have learnt

    Continuously develops and improves the material on the site based on the latest research

    Makes you a better human being (see below)

  • Better grades
    We are not impressed by grades. Grades just mean you remembered what your teachers told you. Nobody should be impressed by the school/college/university you attend. Everyone should be impressed by skill and original thought, which may or may not result from attending certain schools or classes. On the other hand, learning the skills we teach will mean you get better grades, probably the best grades. Then you can choose the best schools/colleges/universities for you.

    Advanced critical thinking skills

    Style and elegance in thought, speech, and writing

    An appreciation of how great writing works

  • An understanding of how politicians exploit language to exploit you

    An understanding of how the advertising industry exploits you through language and psychology (you will never make an impulse purchase again)

    How to use language to your advantage whether at school, in business, or life in general. Good writing requires good thinking. Good thinkers succeed. Simple as that.

  • Explains the techniques of rhetoric developed in ancient Greece that have been used by writers throughout history and are still used today

    Uses the latest research in fields such as psycholinguistics, stylistics, cognitive poetics, and systemic functional grammar to refine and develop our approach to teaching

    Focuses on individual development. The development of writing is the development of the way an individual thinks. We don’t want to teach you what to think. We want to teach you how to think. You can use the skills we teach to make your own mind up about the world.

  • Beautiful Writing. Logical Writing. Important Writing. (which is basically beautiful thinking. logical thinking. important thinking)

    Writing education isn’t prioritised in schools. Writing a few essays a year and being told to improve the ‘flow’ is not writing education.

    Some crazy things are happening in the world. We think a proper education in writing (with everything it involves: logic, critical thinking, understanding context and audience etc. etc.) will improve individuals, societies, and the humanity as a whole. We’re aiming high.

    The booming market in self-help books shows just how limited people’s understanding of writing and literature is. Who needs a ‘get motivated in life book’ when you understand the writing and ideas of people like Orwell and Solzhenitsyn.


Hyeri, Cornell University

I love the immediate feedback of the Word it Write system. It makes it so much easier to see where I’m making mistakes and what my weaknesses are. The examples used in the system were tough to understand at first because a lot of them come from older sources, but I realized this improved my writing and reading. When I just used regular material, I didn’t really have to work hard to understand it so it became boring. The examples and descriptions in the Word it Write system are more like puzzles. You have to understand the clues and solve the meaning. I could spend hours on it.


I needed a way to improve my SAT writing scores. My grammar was inconsistent and I struggled to get all of my ideas onto the page within the time limit. My teachers gave us practice prompts and feedback, but I felt like I was always making the same mistakes. My teacher gave 5 or 6 key pieces of feedback on each piece of writing, but we only finished 6 pieces. When I started using Word it Write, I was surprised at how many questions were in the diagnostic, but it started to make sense after finishing a full cycle. I could see how my weaknesses were being targeted. It was a lot of effort, but the repeated grammar questions really helped. I would recommend starting with grammar and then doing either logic or rhetoric, because grammar is the easiest.


I have taught English in South Korea for about 9 years. I use Word it Write to drill students on grammar for SAT preparation. It is great for keeping track of weaknesses. It reduces the amount of time I spend grading work and checking that a student has understood something, because I can just check the progress charts to see whether the student is improving.

Chris, Washington University

I am using the site to improve my essay writing. I have never really enjoyed writing, like some of my friends, who keep journals etc. I really just need to get my writing to a highly functional level for college and employment. I like the no-nonsense approach of the material. There are no unnecessary bits and it doesn’t try to make everything easy or quick just to make you feel better about yourself. It is actually pretty difficult to pass the tests, but when I do pass I know I have fixed a weakness and can move onto the next.


I used Word it Write as a replacement for out of class assignments. It gave the students a feeling that their learning was cumulative rather than arbitrary. They could see exactly why they were studying something because Word it Write told them it was a weakness and should be prioritized. The students could also see that their learning was individualized. It is nearly impossible to monitor writing and give feedback to individual students in classes over an extended period of time. What I especially liked about Word it Write was the focus on functional and aesthetic skills. Showing the students how someone like Shakespeare used rhetorical devices helps give purpose to their study.

EunHwa Choi, M.D. Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine

Try the site. It is a fantastic learning tool. I wondered why it was so inexpensive at first but don’t be fooled by the price. It really is superb. Save the money you would spend on private writing tuition. This site is all you need.

Mark Sample, Lecturer in English, Hanyang University

I have used the site with students and it works very well. I have had students who find it challenging at first, especially the diagnostic test, but they soon realize that they are saving time by systematically addressing their weaknesses. Of course, students still need to actually apply the skills they learn by writing, but I have encouraged my students to submit pieces to the NWQ journal associated with the site and this motivates them. It can be difficult as a teacher to check the progress of individual students, so it is great that the site exploits the strengths of an automatic system to keep students focused on key weaknesses. The material starts at quite a high level and quickly increases in depth and detail. I’m constantly being reminded of things I have forgotten and even learning a few new things – especially through the examples.

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