The New Writers' Quarterly March 2017

The New Writers’ Quarterly (March 2017)


We are now accepting submission for publication in our journal, The New Writers’ Quarterly.


The application is open to all full members of the site.

The papers are chosen for publication on a competitive basis.


Guidelines for March Submission

As this is the first publication of The New Writers’ Quarterly, we have decided not to set a theme or topic or style. You can submit anything and everything as long as it is less than 2500 words. You can submit non-fiction, a novel extract, poetry…anything.


Submission Deadline: 28th February Midnight (GMT)

Submit papers to:


Each paper should include a title page with the following information -

Your Name (Keep spelling and form the same as you used for site membership)

Contact Email Address


200 - 500 words introducing your piece of writing (inspiration, reason for writing, difficulties etc.)


Selected papers will be published in the March edition of the journal.

Posted On February, 08 Wednesday 2017 10:51 AM

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