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How It Works

  • The Word It Write system covers the traditional areas of writing and thinking-logic, rhetoric, and grammar. Each area covers classical knowledge, insights from the latest research, and everything of value in between. The material is not the normal, boring random sentences of the textbooks and sites you’re used to. We have a unique system. It will teach you the fundamentals of writing and critical thinking through logic, rhetoric effectiveness and grammar. We use the greatest creative and non-fiction writing we can find. You will see how philosophers like David Hume, Erasmus, and Aristotle,

  • lawyers like Cicero, poets like William Shakespeare, novelists like Charles Dickens, Presidents like Nelson Mandela, Prime Ministers like Winston Churchill, activists like Emmeline Pankhurst and other great writers, and speakers you might not have heard of like Susan B. Anthony, Juana Inés de la Cruz, and Laura Cereta, all used the techniques you will learn.





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Diagnostic Writing Test


Our Diagnostic Test will check your understanding of key concepts. Your answers to the questions will be used to determine what you need to study. We assess your writing skills through our diagnostic writing test and help you in improving your writing style. The Diagnostic Test could consist of anything from ten to three hundred questions depending on what you already know and the gaps in your knowledge. When you have finished, the test will have determined what three areas you need to focus on. The tests for Logic, Rhetoric, and Grammar are separate. Just choose the area you want to improve and follow the system’s instructions.

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About Word It Write

  • The Word it Write team comprises people with backgrounds in linguistics, psychology, law, the sciences, high school teaching, university lecturing, material development and experience working, living, and teaching around the world. We provide creative writing courses online which will help you to master in writing, grammar and rhetoric. Join Word It Write, the science of Writing, to access the most advanced writing education course available online today and excel in writing. As a team we have a few things in common. Firstly, we love reading and writing. Secondly, the world is a strange and wonderful place, but recently there has been an explosion in access to information and that information is in words.

  • Critical thinking and manipulation of language has always been an important part of human life (in ancient Greece, teachers of rhetoric were the rock stars of their time) but today people cannot agree on even the most basic information because the manipulation of language by those who know how and the lack of understanding of those techniques by those who haven’t been taught means anything can be twisted to seem true. Thirdly, in our experience around the world, schools increasingly teach students to pass exams rather than develop skills.

  • The irony being that by learning skills it is easier to do well in exams. Put these three points together and you can see why we started Word It Write.





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