How It Works


    Registration is easy.

    Click on the Registration button in the top right corner of the homepage.

    Enter your details.

    Choose your subscription. You can choose anything from monthly recurring repayments to a year-long membership.

    Enter your payment details.


    When you enter the diagnostic test, you will first see the technical requirements.

    At the bottom of the page, you can choose to start mastering Logic, Rhetoric, or Grammar.

    Once you’re in the diagnostic test, you will be asked a series of questions. The time-limit varies depending on the questions asked.

    The system is designed to probe your weaknesses and find out exactly what you need to improve.

    Be patient though, you could be asked anything from a few questions to a couple of hundred.

    Once the system has determined what you need to study, you will be taken into the interactive textbook.

    Remember, if you log out at any stage, the system will save your progress and next time you log in, you will start where you left off.


    The textbook will always present you with 3 areas to improve.

    You can move through the material with the tabs on the left and with the scroll bar.

    At the bottom of the page, there are some practice questions. You need to answer these questions until you get them all right.

    If you feel like taking a break or studying something new, you can switch between categories or save your progress for later.

    Once you have completed the practice questions, you can move onto the final test.


    The Final Test is hard. Like a dentist probing a rotten tooth, it will find your weaknesses. It is impossible to hide your faults in here.

    The required passing standard will vary depending on the material and your progress, but if you fail the final test, you will need to study the learning point again.


    Companies and universities have realised that multiple choice and set question tests are too easy to prep for or cheat on.

    The trend among the world’s top companies when recruiting and the colleges when making application-decisions is to go back to the traditional method of showing intelligence and critical thinking – essay writing.

    Here you can practice timed writing. You will be presented with a randomized prompt and have a continuously updated wordcount.

    When you have finished, you can simply email your essay to a teacher, parent, friend or anyone else.


    The blog is where you can find the latest and greatest pieces of critical thinking and writing from our regular and guest contributors.

    You will be able to read the thoughts and ideas from professionals and academics all over the world in a wide range of fields.

    The one thing they have in common is a commitment to great writing and critical thinking and a distaste for clichéd and boring ideas.


    Every aspect of the world is changing quickly. The air we breathe is degrading and warming. Authoritarians are gaining power as fear of problems beyond the individual human-scale develop. We are even seeing the mass reversion to outdated beliefs motivated by an infantile comfort-seeking.

    In a world where false information is disseminated as a tool of war and truth seems relative, it is more important than ever to develop critical thinking. And the best way to do that is through learning how to write, argue, and persuade.

    The New Writer’s Quarterly will publish world-changing ideas from young people around the world. The ideas expressed will be varied and often conflicting. The New Writer’s Quarterly will champion only one - it does not matter what you think, it matters how you think.

    Email your piece of writing to

    The best will be published every quarter.


    If you would like to use the Word it Write system in a school, university, or organisation, please fill in the ‘Get Quote’ form on the homepage. A member of staff from Word it Write will contact you and a subscription will be customized to suit your needs.

    Introducing and using the system to large numbers of people couldn’t be easier.

    If you are a school or university, we can assign a number of subscriptions to an administrator.

    The administrator can then add teachers, heads of year, or any other members of staff to an admin page.

    Those members of staff can be assigned a number of individual subscriptions which they can use to enrol their students.

    Teachers or supervisors can then monitor individual student or class activity through the admin page.

    Other than setting an amount of time to use the system or a number of learning points to complete, there is no assigning or grading homework required – the system will respond to individual student’s input and track their progress.

    If you are a company or organisation and want to have a less hands-on approach but still want to offer the service to staff as part of workforce development or as a perk, an administrator can simply assign subscriptions to a member of staff who can then choose who they assign the subscription to.

    They could use it for themselves or pass it on to someone else, maybe a family member.


    It is easy to subscribe for a student or child.

    Just sign up as a parent and then add your child’s details, including their email address.

    We will send an email to you and whoever you signed up.

    You will then be able to log in at any time and see the progress and history charts of your child or student.

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